CIA Spy Gadgets provides state of the art technology to law enforcement, corporations, government agencies, retail stores, and consumers who are in need of do-it-yourself security and surveillance equipment.Our online spy store offers a large selection of hidden cameras, body worn cameras, pen recorders, voice changers, telephone voice recorders, GPS tracking, and more.

Something for everyone! Whether you want to watch you home or business while you are away, monitor your children, or catch a cheating spouse, we have the perfect spy gadget for every situation and budget. If you are a business owner who needs to monitor your employee’s computer activities or keep track of corporate vehicles, we have monitoring solutions for you with our PC surveillance products and GPS tracking devices.

Are you a parent who needs to keep track of your teenager?  CIA Spy Gadgets offers a great selection of GPS tracking devices that will enable you to keep track of your teen’s whereabouts. Find out what is going on in your home while you are at work, check out our hidden cameras – many of them are covertly disguised as everyday household items.  When the safety of your child is your greatest priority, the additional peace of mind offered by our surveillance products is invaluable.

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating? Statistics overwhelmingly prove that when infidelity is suspected, the suspicions are usually correct.  Check out our Catch A Cheater collection to get the tools you need to prove your case.

If you feel that someone is watching you or invading your privacy, we offer a wide array of counter surveillance devices, including hidden camera detectors, RF detectors, voice changers, and bug detectors.  Whether your security and surveillance needs involve your home or office, or are for business or personal protection, let CIA Spy Gadgets be your do-it-yourself security equipment source.

WE OFFER FLAT RATE GROUND SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL USA. Regardless of how many items in your order, your maximum ground shipping charge will not exceed $14.99 per order  (all items must be ordered at same time/same order/same shipping address).


A NOTE ABOUT FRAUD PREVENTION & SHIPPING:  Because we have had a high rate of fraudulent order attempts from overseas buyers, we regret that we can no longer accept orders from customers outside of the USA.  All shipping AND billing addresses must be in located in the USA and we will take the time to verify the information provided, and reserve the right to require a sigature at delivery.  We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order if the billing and shipping information do not match, or if we are given invalid email addresses and/or phone numbers.